Tailwind CSS Components

Adds components like btn, card and more... to Tailwind CSS
npm i daisyui --save


Component classes

It adds component classes to Tailwind. Classes like btn, card,... No need to deal with hundreds of utility classes.

Tailwind CSS plugin

DaisyUI is a Tailwind CSS plugin so you can simply add it to your tailwind.config.js file.

Based on design system

DaisyUI applies design system concepts to Tailwind CSS. Every component on your page is committed to a single design system.


You can customize the design of components with Tailwind utility classes and CSS variables.

Semantic color names

Use color names like primary, secondary, accent,... just like your design system defines.

RTL supported

Enable rtl config for right to left layouts.


Add multiple themes or change colors with a CSS variable. You can even set a theme for a specific section of your page.


You can disable styled config and only get the skeleton of components. No style, no colors. You can style everything using utility classes.